Libre Graphics 2012: Vienna, Austria

GIMP and GEGL topics

  • Peter Sikking, Kate Price: Rethinking text handling in GIMP Video
  • Victor Oliveira: Implementing OpenCL support in GEGL and GIMP Slides Video
  • Øyvind Kolås: GeglBuffer tight and flexible raster abstraction Video
  • Michael Natterer: Goat Invasion in GIMP Video
  • Øyvind Kolås: Petting Zoo with Goats Video
  • Ramon Miranda: Digital Painting with open source Slides
  • Martin Renold: Predictable Painting
  • Bassam Kurdali, Fateh Slavitskaya: Tube Open Movie: Blender 3D Animation in a Distributed Pipeline
  • Amir Hassan: SoundFumble: live sound generation with Gimp Video
  • Sirko Kemter: Open Source, Just Works - The LGM Book Workshop

Other topics

Colour management, import filters, text handling, other graphics software, workflow, tools etc.