GIMP Developer Conferences

Developer meetings

Across the years, GIMP and GEGL developers from all over the World have gathered at multiple occasions.

Called historically as “GIMP Developers Conference”, abbreviated GIMPCon, this event continued at the Libre Graphics Meeting for years, starting in 2006, where we also exchanged with developers of other graphics FLOSS. These are where we get together and discuss the future development, hack on GIMP, meet GIMP users…

A new event called “Wilber Week” was born a few years ago, where we meet just with GIMP developers in a more quiet atmosphere (no conferences, no big talks…).

Solo conferences

GIMP team members have been showing their work at various other events, even though it was not always including a meetup with many project members. Some of these events are:

  • Conference “Processing Photographs with GIMP” by Pat David - Creative Freedom Summit 2023
  • Conference “GIMP et ZeMarmot” (in French) by Aryeom and Jehan - Fabrique Collective de la Culture du libre in Vandœuvre - 2022-11-04
  • Libre Graphics Meeting 2020, May 27-29, online, with a remote workshop on retouching basics by Aryeom and Jehan (program )
  • Scale 16x 2018, March 8-11, Pasadenia, California (USA), with a conference by Patrick David (announcement )
  • GUADEC 2016, August 12-14, with Aryeom and Jehan presenting ZeMarmot project

Historical developer meetings on IRC

Finally some developers meeting happened online. A first attempt started with bi-weekly IRC meetings in 2011 (arranged by LightningIsMyName, once in every two weeks, on Monday at 10:00 PM, Central Europe Timezone (usually, CET = GMT+1), with a mail sent to the mailing list before each meeting to discuss the agenda, and after every meeting with a link to the meeting page). This process ended but the logs are still available for logging history:

Nowadays more informal meetings are organized on video-conference tools such as Jitsi and more recently Big Blue Button, organized by Aryeom and Jehan. A few such meetings happened already in 2020, 2021 and 2022. So far these events are not logged.