Wilber Week 2023: Amsterdam, Netherland

Wilber Week 2023 is taking place between May 19 to May 28 of 2023, in Amsterdam, Netherland. The Blender Foundation lends us offices for meetings.

Two team members from Inkscape were also invited.

Planned topics to discuss

  • Color Management (discussion with Wayland/GNOME/Blender/Inkscape).
  • Indexed mode
  • GIMP 3.0 roadmap
  • OpenType
  • Tablet support
  • GSoC
  • Wayland
  • Foundation
  • Sharing files between GIMP and Blender
  • Documentation

GIMP 3.0 roadmap


  • Reviewing the existing roadmap as posted on the developer website.
  • Adding the “Documentation” item as we want to make sure documentation is up-to-date by the time we release GIMP 3.0.
  • The rest of the roadmap is more or less right.

Color Management


  • We want to discuss about this with Inkscape (Mc, Inkscape developer, will be here later today).
  • Swick, Wayland developer, will join us with remote video tomorrow at 2PM for a 4-way meeting (GIMP, Inkscape, Blender, Wayland)


  • Present developers to the meeting: [GIMP’s] Jehan, Liam, Mitch, Niels, Øyvind, Simon, [Blender’s] Nathan, [Inkscape’s] Marc and [Wayland’s] Sebastian.
  • The meeting with GIMP, Inkscape, Blender and Wayland went very well. GIMP, Blender and Inkscape could explain some of their use cases in their respective area which sometimes overlap but often can be quite different. Printing use cases were evoked (GIMP and Inkscape), screen usage, web usage, but also video with workflows using OpenColorIO rather than ICC (Blender).
  • The plans for Wayland in-progress API was exposed and looked quite promising as far as could be understood. Links to in-progress API spec was sent to everyone after the meeting for further reading and comments.
  • Future with HDR abilities was also evoked, though this proves quite tricky in Wayland, especially regarding mixing of usage (e.g. applications using HDR while others use SDR on the same display). More work and thoughts are needed on Wayland side.
  • The question whether the differences between editing and display usages was also raised, especially regarding HDR, but also regarding temporarily displaying of nearly unviewable details.


  • Much longer and imprompty discussion happened between GIMP developers (especially Jehan, Niels, Øyvind and Simon) and Nathan from Blender. A lot of stories and use cases were shared in everyone’s respective area. It was very insightful.
  • Nathan shared his work on OpenColorIO, in particular the OCIOMaker software to create OpenColorIO configurations.
  • Discussions went on on how image data can be easily shared between software using different workflows (ICC world and OCIO world in particular).

Wilber Foundation


The email and documents sent by Jehan was reviewed and commented.

A hand-raised vote was done to see who was agreeing on the current direction taken for a possible entity. The vote was unanimous that it seemed to be good. No blocker from anyone either.

Note: Akkana, João and Alx were also supportive of the direction so far, through email comments.

Green light was given to Jehan to continue the work for our own entity.

A meeting with Ton Roosendaal, tomorrow around 4PM, was also set up. Ton wants to explain us how Blender works and how they made it so far to help us with our own endeavour.


Ton made a presentation of how the Blender Foundation is organized (also the money and organization flow between Blender Institute, Blender Studio and Blender Foundation).

Discussions went on about what GIMP is trying to do, with some suggestions or opinions. This meeting was interesting especially because we could get Ton’s opinion about their own experiences on various topics, things they think they did well, less well, or are not so sure were such good ideas now…

Indexed mode


Simon reminded on his experience with a company wanting to use GIMP for carpet designing with indexed mode (knitting machines?). He would like that GIMP improves its indexed mode and says that not that much were missing for it to be very usable for this usage.


  • Various discussions happened around evolution on palettes. First of all, we have 2 concepts in GIMP: palette and colormap, which are basically the same thing except that one is image data and the other is generic GIMP data. Eventually these 2 concepts should likely be merged to one (a “palette” can simply be tied to an image or to the GIMP instance).
  • It was evoked that eventually all GimpData should eventually become image data (e.g. fonts packed with an image, same as textures, project brushes and whatnot).
  • Palette formats for program interexchange were discussed. The CxF format was discussed as possibly the most complete format (also supported by Scribus).

Logo update


An update of the logo was worked on by Aryeom, Ville and Chris, with comments by Øyvind and others.


Aryeom continued a lot to work on the Wilber icon, going through many iterations, mostly with various inputs and comments by Ville.


Many more iterations continued by Aryeom, who also started to write a report about the iterations.

The day ended with a long exchange between Aryeom, Ville and Øyvind for even further iterations.

The discussion diverged also on ctx ’s logo too.